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An Iconic Downtown Jefferson City Hotel

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Classically designed and perfectly located along the state government complex, our downtown Jefferson City hotel offers a warm welcome and seamless access to countless businesses and attractions. We’re proud to be at the center of our capital city’s vibrant activity, welcoming vacationing families with an indoor pool and restaurants, playing host to organizations and government officials, and even being home to a popular nightclub at one point in our history.

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Rooted in
Jefferson City

Opened in 1987, our downtown Jefferson City hotel immediately offered a strategic location that complemented the surrounding historic and governmental architecture. Its proximity to the Missouri State Capitol made it a natural hub for governmental activities, including state government events, political meetings, and legislative sessions. Many notable guests, including politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities, have stayed with us over the decades, enhancing our profile and prestige as the hotel of choice in the capital.

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In the Heart
of the City

Step outside and immerse yourself in “Jeff City.” The actual Capitol is just steps away. Not far, museums beckon and acclaimed restaurants tantalize. Tee off at a nearby golf course or plan an escape on the scenic Katy Trail. At our downtown retreat, location and exploration converge.

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